Thursday, February 19, 2009

Word Of Wisdom

So I have been asked how I am able to get all of this equipment. The first step is to find a local camera store and become friends with them. Try and ask questions to show your passion and interest in photography. Also show them some of your work, it pays so much more with what you can show and present to others. The next step is if you ever buy any new equipment, make sure you keep the box. I keep all my boxes because if I ever want to trade something in, I can get alot more money for it. I didnt know untill I was trying to trade in my old 5d and I had my box at home but the camera was right on my hip. Sally says next do you have to box, I said not on me but its at home. She says well theres a $300 dollor difference with the box. I still dont really understand why the box is so important but ever since that day. I keep all my boxes. So just a word of wisdom to keep all of your boxes so for future purchases, as an upgrade or an extra lense. KEEP THE BOX!!