Monday, December 29, 2008

New Camera

So I have a new camera, and I went out and took a few shots with my best friend(Ms.Lin). My pictures are coming out very sharp on my camera but when I pull them up on my computer, I do see some graininess. I shot at an ISO of 6400 which is really against the rules of photography. I was so pumped about my camera I couldnt even wait until we got out of the car. I take about 140 pictures or so but in the end only about 70 pictures caught my attention. Most of the pictures here show some of my vision and emotion but still at a bump in trying to convey what I am actually seeing overall. so tell me what you think....NewPics

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taz's Birhtday party

So lastnight was a pretty wild and crazy night! Its Taz's Birthday all four floors open and everyone wanting to be on the fourth floor to celebrate Taz's Birthday. Im being pulled and grabbed every direction either to get them bands or to get a picture. Always, something but I guess it comes with the job ;). Im walking around taking a few pics then Jim Jones shows up as I was leaving the fourth floor. Taz is walking up the stairs im playing around taking a bunch of pictures of him. Then I was like o Sh*t *snap* snap* didnt really get a good shot. So of course I go get Taz to take pics with all his guest and with his celebrity guest. We run around the fourth floor taking pics left and right up and down with anyone and everyone he knew up there. Shots being passed around, champagn being poured into cups glasses, what ever was available. So finaly we go up to Jim Jones table and get the money shot with Taz and him. What a good look, partyed till 430am........ Night all (damn its 6:08am) click Pics to see the GALLERY!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Game of Pool!

So im playing a game of pull with a friend of mine at his crib(Tony.) As we are playing im envisioning portraits vigorously. Low, high, B&W, all the above. My eye triggers at least 100 times a day full of different pictures I wish I could capture. The only problem is not all the time can I convey what is seen through my eyes. So I took a few pics nothing to seriouse......

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So im leaving the club and I look up at the sky, and its a very vibrant orange color!! I keep driving until I fine a nice spot to pull over and just snap a few shots. My favorite is to just shoot on the go. YOU just never know when your opportunity may come about. You never wanna miss that shot and be like "Damn I wish I had my camera.." This was the only opportunity I had so I took full advantage of it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoot On The Go

So im driving and Im stopped at the light on fourteenth st and look over my shoulder!! Such a beautiful sight at 520pm. I pulled my 5D from my front seat and snapped away. Something simple but the clouds just breaking up and the sun almost gone. A few honks made me keep going but what ever, it was worth it lol!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Last Stop

So im dropping my boss off to his car and see an amazing picture! I had to get it, so I dropped him off and made a U-turn. Im on 14th and E st and this hotel is let up with some beautiful lights. I get out for a few minutes adjust my iso to 1600 and my f/ to about 1.8 . The sky is not as dark as usual it has a little color to it because of the rain. Snap snap......

Monday, December 15, 2008

Woke Up Sat Dec 13th

So this morning I woke up and just wanted to shoot something. I really wanted to take a picture of something in Va where I live. I really couldnt think because for one it was 11am and two I went to sleep at 5am. I went to a spot in old town jogged around for my weekend workout and remembered a spot. The picture doesnt wow me at all, I honestly just didnt know what to shoot. So here it goes......

Corporate Event Friday Dec 12th

So Friday we had a corporate event at my job. This was my opportunity to show I can take some beautiful pictures for this event. It was there Christmas Party, they had all four floors closed off to the public untill 12am. This event had a great fun crowd. They danced throughout the night to some slow jams as well as some party songs like "The Cupid Shuffle." Check out from the pics

Just got my 5D Wed Dec 10th

I just got my camera in the mail and wanted to shoot anything and everything. I was driving home from work and saw an amazing shot! Since I have my new camera I felt confident and wanted capture that same picture I saw in my head. As im driving around from bridge to bridge I finaly get to a point where I can pull over and get out. The picture I saw in my head was minor to the picture I actually got. It just finished raining and the water was foggy around the key bridge. I got there just in time.....