Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taz's Birhtday party

So lastnight was a pretty wild and crazy night! Its Taz's Birthday all four floors open and everyone wanting to be on the fourth floor to celebrate Taz's Birthday. Im being pulled and grabbed every direction either to get them bands or to get a picture. Always, something but I guess it comes with the job ;). Im walking around taking a few pics then Jim Jones shows up as I was leaving the fourth floor. Taz is walking up the stairs im playing around taking a bunch of pictures of him. Then I was like o Sh*t *snap* snap* didnt really get a good shot. So of course I go get Taz to take pics with all his guest and with his celebrity guest. We run around the fourth floor taking pics left and right up and down with anyone and everyone he knew up there. Shots being passed around, champagn being poured into cups glasses, what ever was available. So finaly we go up to Jim Jones table and get the money shot with Taz and him. What a good look, partyed till 430am........ Night all (damn its 6:08am) click Pics to see the GALLERY!!

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